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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

AFCY Collage Mural Project

Over the winter I started working with AFCY (Arts for Children and Youth) doing some of their community outreach arts programs.  These are a few shots of an Eric Carle inspired collage mural that I worked on with a group of kids and moms.  The mural is now hanging in a Children's Hospice.  It was a lovely project to work on.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

The Sassy Little Holiday Craft Show at The Central!

We're back for our Little Holiday Craft Show at the Central.

We had a great line up of vendors this year, and a really good turn out of shoppers at our cozy venue of The Central in Mirvish Village.

See you next year!

Monday, 3 November 2014

November Show at The Central

I am showing some new mixed media pieces, plus some old friends, at The Central in Mirvish Village for the month of November.  They look quite lovely there, if I do say so myself, with the TURQUOISE walls and all.  Gorgeous!
I'm pricing things to move, so if you or anyone you know is in the market for some trinkets...

There will be a bit of a casual "Opening" on Sunday November 9th.  
I'll be there from 8 until around 11
Come out and have a drink with me!
Here is a link to the Facebook Event  for details


Saturday, 1 November 2014


One of my besties has a birthday just before Halloween.  We gathered in her backyard for roasted seeds and bonfire and pumpkin carving.

I made the bat.

My original plan was to be a Cavewoman this year (I guess "Early Human", to be more politically correct), but I wore this second-hand gold dress to a friend's wedding recently and I felt pretty amazing.  I wasn't committed to the Egyptian Goddess idea until I saw a Cleopatra wig in the Salvation Army for $6. The costume pretty much made itself after that.

My collar is a Bellydance coin belt, held together with a paperclip.  I sewed some curtain trim to the wig to fashion a headband, witha broken earring part to embellish it.  Most pictures I saw of Cleopatra had braids and beads in her hair, so I braided the wig and wrapped the braids with bent bellydance coins.  A thrift store pair of earrings and belt, and here she is!

My students were all "YOU CUT YOUR HAIR?!?"

With my friends, coworkers, and fellow crafty foxes, "Leia" and "Broccoli Sarah"

Spiderman and Cinderella put some little faces on some little pumpkins.

Later on that night I visited the ROM for their Friday Night Live party, which is always fun but all the more so when involving costumes.

Cleopatra II
Re-applying my make up in the ROM bathroom before the Halloween Party

My hot date

Tuesday, 28 October 2014


Diwali is the begining of the Festivals of Light (I LOVE light) and it also happens to coincide with learning about Cultures and Traditions within the Community in my long-range teaching plan.

Basically, I look for any excuse to decorate my classroom like a maniac.

When they arrived after lunch that day, I had dimmed the lights and strung up twinkle lights.
There was a fancy Diva on every activitiy table, and I did my best to mimic Indian tapestries with fabric and garland from my stash.

We were also learning about patterns in math, so the radial patterns in rangoli were a great connection!

A little Indian Grocery Store by my new place was selling little diva oil laps for 25 cents!  I bought one for every student, and we decorated them and put a tealight in it.

Discussing the various Cultures and Traditions represented in our class.  
We've got the globe good and covered!

Friday, 19 September 2014

September in the Classroom

I am thrilled to be back teaching what I consider to be my "home grade" this year.  I have a lovely little class of Grade Ones and Twos, and we are going to create some awesome projects.

Here's a little tour:

The Art Centre

Drama and Dance Centre

Reading Area

Our first week of school communal art project: The Class Apple Tree

Visiting the Community Garden

Warming up for Terry Fox Run

Kids' Art