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Friday, 27 January 2012

Winter Crafts with Little People

Our class tree, adorned with coloured lights and paper snowflakes, because we were learning about patterns.  
Teaching kindergarteners how to cut paper snowflakes was not easy.  Luckily I'm a gifted teacher.

Using recycled materials to make a giant Chinese New Year Dragon costume for the whole class.

Hahaha!  Amazing.
Happy New Year!
It broke in about five minutes.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Fun with Jersey Cotton

One of my favourite things to craft is cotton clothes made from copying my favourite tees and tanks.  I go and buy meters of cheap jersey cotton fabric and trace my favourite cotton articles, cut 'em out and sew 'em.  The edges don't fray and the cut raw edge gives it a shabby charm.  Some of my favourite outfits have been made this way in minutes.   These are some of the spoils from a crafternoon I recently had with a friend:

A dress made from tracing a t-shirt and elongating the hem.

A sleeveless tee with a cowl, a simple a-line skirt.

Cowl tee, detail:

I also made a few headbands, a tank dress and two pairs of drawstring yoga pants, all in soft cotton and for under $20 worth of fabric.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Craft Nook

I am reorganizing and redecorating my little workspace to make it more conducive to creating.

1. Rotate my workbench toward the windows
2.  Reorganize supplies, put on shelves
3. Put up images of inspiration
4. Cute curtains!