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Monday, 23 June 2014

Christa Rowley Fabric!

I've been working on some ink and water colour/wash drawings lately, mainly because I have been wanting to do more simple, crisp works on paper, but also because I have been thinking of making some of my drawings into mass produced items: stationary, prints, etc.

I also had the idea of using a really cool website, that allows you to print any image on fabric (as well as wallpaper and other things).  Very exciting possibilities.
Introducing... The Christa Rowley Line of Fabrics!  

I made some "ladies from pornos" drawings specifically so I could make a porn-lady print fabric to be the backing for some "sexy lady rag dolls" that I want to make from a project I silkscreened years ago.  They're going to be so cool!

Here is my first stash, all in cotton.  I plan to make some pillows, pot holders and aprons, among other things.

Stay tuned for other fun uses for these drawings!  Mugs?  Mouse pads?  The sky's the limit!

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Christa Rowley at the Crooked Star

Just marking a little territory on Ossington.
From June 15th until TBD,
have a little Christarama with your summer cocktail!