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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Unicorn Luchador Mask

Back when I started making luchador masks last Spring for the debut of
a friend of mine jokingly asked me to make her a whole Mexican Wrestling outfit in pink and blue.
I didn't make a whole outfit, but I had this adorably kitschy pink and blue unicorn fabric JUST DYING to be made into something!

Her birthday is right around Halloween, so I thought a mask would be an appropriate present.

Friday, 18 October 2013


I've been reading a lot about diet and how it effects body chemistry lateley.

I did a bit of a detox, and then was attempting to eat delicious food while avoiding too much dairy, sugar, starchy veggies and grains (with as little wheat as possible).
Eating that way took some getting used to, but I could immediately feel and see a difference in my moods and stress levels, sleep, skin and body.

These are some of the recipes and combinations I played with:

Hummus and fish salad with cauliflower and garlic mash.

Roast chicken, cauliflower mash and spinach.

Stir fry on zucchini noodles.

Raw almond butter, cocoa and maple syrup = healthy nutella

Ripe pears poached with a vanilla bean, with goat milk yogurt.

Cashew and spinach on black rice noodles.

Toasted Granola

Making summer squash noodles.

Summer squash noodles with roasted tomato and garlic.

Roasted butternut squash with butter, maple syrup and brown sugar.
Simple as that.

Spelt pizza crust with tomato paste, ricotta, basil, pine nuts, and peppers.

Peach Cobbler

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Thanksgiving Dinner, 11pm

Happy Thanksgiving!
My thanksgiving long weekend was a busy one, 
but at 5 pm on the Sunday night I decided I was going to make an impromptu Thanksgiving dinner.
I went to the grocery store to pick up a chicken to roast, but forgot the next day was a holiday.  It looked like Fiesta Farms had been ransacked!
No chickens.  Not even a chicken breast.  
There were a few huge $50 turkeys, and one small guy for $20.  
I ended up getting the small turkey and decided I would just have to eat at 11 like the Spanish.

Turkey, brined with salt and spices,
stuffed with bacon, onion, mushroom, and portuguese cornbread, 
covered in BACON!
She went in the oven at 8pm!
and was out by 10:30.  
Luckily not a huge bird.

Sweet potato with cinnamon and butter, sage leaves and pumkin seeds.

The harvest table.  You could lose yourself in that table cloth!

Dufflets Pumpkin Pie, because I ran outta time for homemade.

Making turkey soup with the bones and leftovers.

May your Autumn be cozy and full of good food!

Saturday, 5 October 2013

The Million Dollar Monster Show Opening Party

So much fun at 99 Sudbury!
Christian Aldo, the man behind the Million Dollar Monster Show and the Superwonder Gallery, knows how to throw a party.

These were the new paintings that I had in the show:


The Sirens

I was quite excited about some new textures that I had created while painting the snake skin and fish tails using some printmaking techniques.  Of course, you may also recognize my current obsession with Vintage Nudie Playing Card ladies.  I just love their postures and expressions!
I sold the Sirens opening night, which is nice.  Luckily a friend of mine took some photos of my work at the show, since I completely forgot to document the paintings at all.  

The show is over now, but I'm sure Superwonder Gallery has something else in the works.