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Monday, 23 June 2014

Christa Rowley Fabric!

I've been working on some ink and water colour/wash drawings lately, mainly because I have been wanting to do more simple, crisp works on paper, but also because I have been thinking of making some of my drawings into mass produced items: stationary, prints, etc.

I also had the idea of using a really cool website, that allows you to print any image on fabric (as well as wallpaper and other things).  Very exciting possibilities.
Introducing... The Christa Rowley Line of Fabrics!  

I made some "ladies from pornos" drawings specifically so I could make a porn-lady print fabric to be the backing for some "sexy lady rag dolls" that I want to make from a project I silkscreened years ago.  They're going to be so cool!

Here is my first stash, all in cotton.  I plan to make some pillows, pot holders and aprons, among other things.

Stay tuned for other fun uses for these drawings!  Mugs?  Mouse pads?  The sky's the limit!

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