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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Jewels and Treasures at Chaton Beads

I found this awesome bead store on Queen the other day:

Somehow, despite years of dedicated Queen West browsing, I had never noticed it!  They had lovely beads, yes, but most exciting was their selection of jewellery making hardware in a variety of metals.  My favourites were the hoop earring parts perfect for beading;  I've been looking everywhere for hoops with gold coins, to replace one I lost.  I was able to make TWO sets of gold coin hoops, as well as a selection of other things, for a grand total of $26 in materials!

Chain anklet with a feather charm (they had a whole wall of chains)

I took one of the chains and hung some earring parts off of it.  I had two different lengths of these metal posts so I alternated.  I friggin' love this necklace.

A charm bracelet made with extra parts and charms I had lying around.

I don't see any reason to ever buy jewellery again.

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