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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Five Senses Self Portraits

Our class had some stickers donated to us;  they were stickers of eyes, ears, noses and mouths that were meant for putting faces on balloons.  
I thought that we could use them to alter our faces and make self portraits that have features to represent each of the five senses (which we had been learning about).  
The children painted the photocopies of their faces with vegetable dye, and when it was dry they chose stickers for each of the senses to add to their face, and placed them on as they desired.  

I also had them trace their hands and cut them out 
since there was nothing on the faces to represent "touch".  
This required a short "how to use scissors" lesson, but they soon mastered the complicated tool.  
I love the hands as an addition.  They became beards, hair, moustaches...

Some close-ups:

What amazed me was how much the "wacky faces" ended up perfectly illustrating the personality of the child who made it.  Haha!

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