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Friday, 9 November 2012

Diwali Divas

We are very lucky that our school has a kiln (an oven for firing clay) so I had my students create little pinch pot tea light holders inspired by the Diva lamps in a book we read about Diwali.

I demonstrated how to make a ball of clay into a little bowl shape (we used a fake tealight leftover from the Halloween pumpkin, and we used skewers to draw designs into the clay and make holes for the light to shine through.

After firing, I'm thinking black and gold paint with little stick on gems.  
I love the Festivals of Light!

Speaking of Halloween Pumpkins... 
My students were asking bout the pumpkin seeds from our Jack-O-Lanterns, if they would grow like a "real" seed.  We saved a few and put them in some soil.  Hello pumpkin patch!

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