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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Animal Banks

Every now and then when my "recycled materials" shelf starts to get over run with yogurt containers and egg cartons, I throw them all on the art table with a few rolls of tape and let the kids go at it.  BUILD SOMETHING!

This time I gave them a concept: Animal Banks!
Everyone got one big or two small yogurt containers and whatever else they wanted from the recycled materials (cat food cans, straws, marker lids, plastic conainters of all kinds) to build their animal.  I had a low-temp hot glue gun plugged in for teacher help on the things that tape just wouldn't stick.  We used tissue paper and watered-down white glue to add colour and a final layer of stick-it-all-togetherness.  

When they were dry, little extras like feathers, foamy paper and googly eyes, carefully created and directed by kindergarten and hot glued by Ms. R,  gave that last touch of personality.  

It was an extended effort over a few days, so only a handful of kids stuck the project out to completion, but I LOVE the creatures they made!

A Horse

A Fox

A Rabbit

A Butterfly

An Elephant

I used an exacto knife to make a coin slot, and I also made a hole for the money come out, which I plugged up with a dollop of Crayola Model Magic modelling compound.

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