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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Bleach Art: Tiger

I have seen a few garments in shops and on craft blogs that involve either drawing/painting or stenciling with bleach.  I've been meaning to try doing this ever since my adventures with my splatter dress turned out so successfully, and I finally got around to it while sitting in my Medusa costume on Halloween, waiting to leave for the Sheezer concert (which rocked, by the way).

I first laid a black cotton skirt of a shoe box, pinning the edges.

I found a picture of a tiger that I liked on Google Image (I thought a tiger would be cool because it would suit the oranges that appear when you bleach black cotton.)

I used a dressmaker's pencil to sketch out my tiger, with my own ferocious beast nearby for inspiration.

I used a small acryic brush to paint with the bleach directly.  Areas that I wanted to turn white rather than orange I painted over a couple of times, and I used a slightly dry brush for more darker tones.

The finished product.

I love the results.  If the bleaching process didn't feel so, you know, highly toxic, I might go into business making these!  But alas, the burning eyes and nose I experienced tell me that this is a once in a while (or at least highly ventilated) project.

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