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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Paintings and Textiles at Not my Dog (and revisiting the Halloween Portraits)

For the months of June and July, my paintings and textiles will be hanging at an awesome little Parkdale bar called Not My Dog.  This is one of my favourite places: great staff, people, live music every night, and great art on their walls! *smile* 
My new work and some of my older pieces are there for in-person viewing, and I will be adding new work over the next two months so be sure to stop by.

One throwback series that I have featured at Not My Dog is my Halloween Portraits Series.  Painted in 2004, I had freshly returned from a year-long tour of Europe, and I was particularly interested in human rituals involving costumes, make-up and gatherings inspired by the resreach I had been doing on ancient and modern civilizations during my travels.  
I also was discovering a love for rendering the minute details of various fabrics, wigs and hairstyles, and make-up in my portraiture.

A Halloween party gave me the images that inspired these portraits.

There were more, but many of them have been sold or given away since.  

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