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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Belly Dance and the Big Top!

March 28th was quite a night of the arts for this girl.  My student Belly Dancing Troupe, Banat El Sharq, had a 7pm performance at the U of T Festival of Dance.  (Belly Dance has become one of my absolute favourite things lately - I adore the music, the costumes, the way that your body translates the rhythms and the instruments...)
I knew that The Super Wonder Gallery's Big Top Show was that night too, but I really REALLY liked these costumes:

I'm also eager to perform as much as I can since one of the reasons that I joined the student troupe was to overcome my crippling stage fright.  So, I double booked!  I wizzed home after teaching all day, got my costume and an outfit for later, and off I went to the Dance Performance.

This is my backstage dressing room selfie.

After the show, I hightailed it to 99 Sudbury to visit my girls (and my guy!) at the Big Top Show.
Here are Poppy & Rosy courting an admirer, the Bearded Lady observes the crowd.

 The handsome and charming Jay Nadler, offering prizes to the giddy crowds.

Poppy & Rosy

The Bearded Lady

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